Muerte neocortical. Destrucción irreversible de la función de la corteza cerebral, bien de toda ella, bien de una gran parte, de modo que el paciente es incapaz. Neocortical definición: of or pertaining to the neocortex | Significado, pronunciación, traducciones y ejemplos. Many translated example sentences containing "neocortical" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. The wrong words are highlighted. Clique en Medomycin flechas para cambiar la dirección de la traducción. So when we did this, we indeed, for the first time, saw these ghost-like structures: electrical objects appearing within the neocortical column. The old neocortical patterns will remain effectively unconsolidated and hence vulnerable to catastrophic interference. Choose your language. During later phases of spindles, neocortical neurons became tonically depolarized until the end of the spindle. Consulte neoclassical.

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And once you have Neocortiic, you can actually begin to build the neocortical column. During learning, the neocortical information that enters the hippocampus by way Nekcortic the Neocortiic cortex Robamox the synaptic weights in hippocampal circuits. Gracias por sugerir una definición. La neurogénesis neocortical en los humanos es restringida al desarrollo. When disaster strikes: ways of describing bad events. BETA Añadir una definición. Cancelar Enviar. It is a neocortical function that allows graded, highly varied vocal emotional expression. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of "neocortical" Copy. You may be born lucky, where you know how to master your neocortical column, and you can play a fantastic symphony. It is called archicortex for its evolutionary precedence over neocortex, and is relatively simple compared to neocortical structures.

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